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All Dryland Packages include: 60-90 minute sessions led by highly-qualified trainers/coaches + Clayton Conditioning Apparel + Sport Performance training program + Athlete Progress Reports + Online / App Access to ALL Athlete Strength & Conditioning Programs + MyZone Conditioning Program + Nutritional education & guidance with athlete accountability challenges and MORE! *Prices do not include a required one time $175 fee for any athlete who does not already have a MyZone Belt.
To be filled out by those requesting a custom program.
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All On-Ice Packages include: 60-Minute Sessions with qualified coaches & PEP instructors + Power Edge Pro (PEP) Instruction + PEP Jersey + Additional On-Ice Skills Instruction
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That Clayton Conditioning, has advised me prior to my commencement of participation in any/all dryland or on-ice programs offered by Clayton Conditioning that such participation could result in physical injury. 

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That I have read this Liability Waiver form and understand and agree with each of the foregoing points. 

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