At Clayton Conditioning athletes come first. We believe that every athlete should have access to safe, developmentally-appropriate training to improve overall athleticism sport-specific performance. We provide individualized training unique to each athlete's abilities, goals, and needs. We are focused and committed to providing quality instruction and programming for every athlete that walks through our doors. 



#10 2634-50th Ave

Lloydminster, AB T9V 2S3


Our Top Priorities


Safety - Each athlete is taught the basics of the weight room and is closely monitored by a certified trainer/coach at EVERY session.

Injury prevention - Our programs are scientifically-designed to correct imbalances/weaknesses and prevent injuries.

Proper form/technique - Every athlete is constantly monitored and allowed to progress ONLY when he/she demonstrates correct form/technique consistently.

Proper periodization and progression in training - Our programming is divided into phases with a specific focus during each phase. We move from general to specific and each phase is designed to prepare athletes for the next.

Improved performance and athleticism - We provide periodic assessments for feedback to the athletes, parents and trainers. We program our training to improve weaknesses and enhance strengths for each individual athlete.

Helping each athlete reach his/her individual goals - Each athlete has goals for the next season, year, five or even ten years. We are truly interested and will help in any way we can.